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$95 | £59 | €69 



Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I return my underwear?

    We are making this underwear specifically for you so will make every effort to help you choose the right size. Like most underwear retailers we can't take back underwear for hygiene reasons as it can't be resold. That being said, we haven't yet had an unhappy customer and plan to keep it that way- if you really are not happy, we will accept them and send you an extra pair next quarter.

  • Fabrics made from bamboo and seaweed?

    The bamboo and seaweed fibres are refined into a yarn, which is then spun with cotton and elastane into a fabric. We spent months developing the perfect composition to give the right amount of stretch with the softest touch.

  • How can I trust DaDa?

    DaDa have spent years working with underwear so our knowledge is extensive. We are backed by one of the most prestigious manufacturers in the world who produce high end garments for Victoria's Secret and Speedo among others. We can utilise their decades of experience in design, sourcing, production and logistics.

  • How many subscribers can you handle?

    The manufacturer we work with produces over 1m pieces a week for their biggest client all to the highest ethical standards. This means no matter how many people join the Quarterly Underwear Club, we will be able to handle any volume.

  • How come we can only pay in dollars?

    We really tried to be able to offer multiple currencies, but at this stage the platform we are using can only work with dollars.

  • I normally buy cheap underwear?

    The underwear many men wear is made poorly from cheap cotton. To create a truly luxury product will always cost a bit more. To give you an example, a yard of cheap cotton in 180gsm would cost around $1-2 whereas a yard of our seaweed fabric costs over $11 a yard. To provide transport and meals for our workers all costs a little bit more, but we think its important. We have never received a single complaint so our underwear is definitely worth the investment and by buying a years subscription you get a big discount.

  • How do I know my size?

    We have made very comprehensive size guides with video explainers which you will be sent when you choose your styles. We have tested each styles with hundreds of men so you can choose each style in a size that suits your taste. For example, the Retro is a slim-fitting boxer so you may prefer to go a size up than normal if you like it looser. If they still aren't quite right, you can send them back and have an extra pair next quarter.

  • Why can't I buy one pair?

    The purpose of the Quarterly Underwear Club is to turn the chore of buying underwear into something fun to look forward to every few months. It would make it very complicated if some people had one or two pairs as then everyone else would have less choice in fabrics later in the year. By keeping it to one year, everyone has made a commitment to great underwear together and will have the same choice in fabrics all year.

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